Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

My Files
: allows you to create a new memo.
: allows you to delete one or all of your memos.
: allows you to search your memos for a particular word
or words.
: allows you to send one or several of your memos at one
time. You can send via Bluetooth, Email, Messaging, or Wi-Fi
•Sort by
: allows you to sort by Date or Color.
: the following additional options are available:
SNS log in
: allows you to log into your Facebook, Twitter, or
LinkedIn accounts.
Sync memo
: allows you to sync your memos Google Docs or
send individual memos.
PIN lock
: allows you to set a PIN lock so that a PIN must be
entered before reading a memo.
Messenger allows you to bring groups of friends together into
a simple group conversation. When you get a new
conversation in Messenger, Google+ sends an update to your
phone. For more information, refer to “Messenger” on page
The Movies application allows you to rent movies to watch
on your phone. For more information, refer to “Movies” on
page 77.
Music Player
Music Player allows you to play music files that you have
stored on your phone and memory card. You can also create
playlists. For more information, refer to “Music Player” on
page 73.
My Files
My Files allows you to manage your sounds, images, videos,
bluetooth files, Android files, and other memory card data in
one convenient location.
1. From the Home screen, tap
2. The following folders display:
: this is the default location for pictures and videos taken
by the device. Tap
to view the picture or
video files. For more information, refer to
on page 84. Also, see
“Accessing Videos”
page 88.
: the Android folder stores files that are used in Android
Applications 157