Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

Settings (Continued)
Tap the tab for the following options:
: allows you to turn the guidelines On or
Audio recording
: allows you to record audio while
recording video. When you select Off, it mutes the
microphone and records only video.
: allows you to activate the instant review
feature where images are displayed immediately
after review.
: allows you to configure the default
storage location for images or videos as either
Phone or Memory card (if inserted).
: allows you to reset all camera or camcorder
Image viewer
: allows you to access the Image viewer
and the various viewing options for a selected picture.
Image viewer options are described in the following
section. The last picture you took, will be displayed as
a thumbnail in the Image viewer icon.
Camcorder Options after a Video is Taken
After you shoot a video, you can access various options from
the Image Viewer
The following options are available:
: offers several ways to share your video. Options are:
AllShare, Bluetooth, Email, Facebook, Gmail, Messaging, Wi-Fi
Direct, and YouTube.
: allows you to play the video.
: allows you to delete the video.
Accessing Videos
When you shoot a video, the file is saved in the Camera
folder. You can view your videos immediately or view them
anytime in the Camera folder.
My Files
1. From the Home screen, tap
2. Tap a video file to open it in the viewer and initiate
3. To pause the video, tap
. To play the video, tap .
Before you select a video to play, press
in the Camera
folder to see the following options: