Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

Application Icons
The Application menu provides quick access to the items you
use most frequently.
The following table contains a description of each
application. If the application is already described in another
section of this user manual, then a cross reference to that
particular section is provided.
For information on navigating through the Applications icons,
see “Navigating Through the Application Menus” on page 29.
1. From the Home screen, tap , then tap one of the
application icons.
2. Follow the on-screen instructions.
The following applications are available:
3. To return to the Home screen, tap
: AllShare allows your phone to stream photos,
music and videos from its memory to other Digital
Living Network Alliance (DLNA) certified devices. Your
phone can also play digital content streamed from
other DLNA certified devices.
For more information,
refer to “AllShare” on page 146.
AT&T Navigator
: AT&T Navigator provides you with
access to real-time GPS-driven applications. These
programs not only allow you to achieve turn-by-turn
navigation, but also access local searches based on a
variety of category parameters. For more information,
refer to “AT&T Navigator” on page 147.
AT&T Social Net
: AT&T Social Net is a mobile social
networking application that combines access to
Facebook®, MySpace, Twitter and customizable news
feeds within a single application. For more information,
refer to “AT&T Social Net” on page 148.
: Using this feature you can use the phone as
a calculator. The calculator provides the basic
arithmetic functions; addition, subtraction,
multiplication, and division. You can also use this as a
scientific calculator. For more information, refer to
“Calculator” on page 148.
: With the Calendar feature, you can consult
the calendar by day, week, or month, create events,
and set an alarm to act as a reminder, if necessary. For
more information, refer to “Calendar” on page 148.