Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 5: Contacts and Your Address Book
This section allows you to manage your daily contacts by
storing their name and number in your Address Book.
Address Book entries can be sorted by name, entry, or group.
When storing an Address Book entry into your SIM card,
note that only the name, phone number, group, and slot
location are initially offered as fields (some SIM cards
may allow an address as well). Although you may add
additional fields to a SIM entry; if you move that same
SIM card to another model phone, it is possible that only
the basic information will be transferred.
AT&T Address Book Activation
When you access the AT&T Address Book, the network
backup service, contacts are automatically synchronized
between your phone and online address book. The changes
you make are automatically saved and if you ever upgrade,
damage, or lose your phone, you can easily restore your
contacts onto your new phone.
To activate the AT&T Address Book:
From the Home screen, tap
Your Address Book is displayed.
The main Home screen initially contains the
icon. If you delete it, or if you want to access
Contacts from another Home screen, you must tap
. You can tap
to access Contacts from the Dialer.
Adding a New Contact
Use the following procedure to add a new contact to your
Address Book.
Saving a Number from the Home screen
1. From the Home screen, tap
2. At the
Save contact to
prompt, tap
Account name.
3. Tap the image icon and assign a picture to the new
entry by choosing one of three options:
to retrieve a previously stored image from your Pictures
folder and assign it to this entry. Tap an image to assign the
image to the contact, then tap