Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

: the calendar displays the selected day with any events
: the Event List displays all events that you have added for
all dates in the order that they appear.
Calendar View Event List
Previous Month Next Month
Current Day
Days with
Events for
Selected Day
Calendar Options
From any Calendar view, press to display the
following options:
: allows you to create a new event for any day or time
•Go to
: allows you to go to any date on your calendar.
: takes you to today’s date, if you are not already there.
: allows you to search through your calendar for a
particular word or words.
• Delete
: displays the event list, where you can select events to
: displays the following calendar settings:
: displays all calendars they you have created.
Default view
: allows you to set the default view to Month,
Week, Day, or List.
Day view
: allows you to set the Day view to display with times
listed or as a list of events. Select Time grid or Event List.
First day of week
: allows you to set the first day of the week to
Sunday or Monday. This will affect how the Month view calendar
is displayed.
Hide declined events
: will not display events you have
received from others if you have declined them.
Hide contact’s anniversary events
: will not display the
anniversaries of your contacts.
Lock time zone
: allows you to lock the event times and dates
to the time zone that you select.
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