Samsung I827 Cell Phone User Manual

The Gallery is where you view photos and play back videos.
For photos, you can also perform basic editing tasks, view a
slideshow, set photos as wallpaper or contact image, and
share as a picture message. For more information, refer to
“Gallery” on page 78.
Gmail is a web-based email service. Gmail is configured
when you first set up your phone. Depending on your
synchronization settings, Gmail can automatically
synchronize with your Gmail account on the web. For more
information, refer to “Using Gmail” on page 99.
Google +
Google+ makes messaging and sharing with your friends a
lot easier. You can set up Circles of friends, visit the Stream
to get updates from your Circles, use Messenger for fast
messaging with everyone in your Circles, or use Instant
Upload to automatically upload videos and photos to your
own private album on Google+. For more information, refer
to “Google +” on page 101.
Kies air
Kies air allows you to sync your Windows PC wirelessly with
your phone provided they are both on the same Wi-Fi
network. You can view call logs, videos, photos, bookmarks,
IMs, and even send SMS messages from your home
computer. For more information, refer to “Kies Air” on page
With Google Latitude, you can see the location of all of your
friends on a map or on a list. You can also share or hide your
You must first set up your phone to use wireless networks to
help pinpoint your location. Also, Latitude works best when
Wi-Fi is enabled.
1. From the Home screen, tap
Location and security
2. Tap
Use wireless networks
. A green checkmark
indicates the feature is enabled.
3. Press
Wireless and network
Wi-Fi settings
4. Tap
to turn Wi-Fi on.
5. Log on to your Google account. For more information,
refer to “Creating a New Google Account” on page 12.