Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

Customizing Contacts
1 Go to the Contacts list.
2 Press Menu (right action key)
and select Options.
3 Set any of the following options:
Show alphabetical index: Displays the
alphabet at the top of the Contacts list.
You can use this index to find a contact.
Show contact names only: Enables
you to fit more names on the Contacts
list by hiding everything but the
contact’s name.
Area code: Specifies the default area
code for new contact entries.
4 Press OK .
Finding a contact in an online address
In addition to having contacts on your
device, you can also access contact
information from your organization’s online
address book or Global Address List (GAL).
BEFORE YOU BEGIN Do the following:
Make sure you are accessing an
Exchange Server 2003 upgraded to
Service Pack 2.
Add access to the online address book
to your Treo 750. See Adding an online
address book.
After adding the online address book,
you must synchronize with the
Exchange Server in order for the Find
Online option to appear.
1 Press Start and select Contacts.
2 Press Menu (right action key)
and select Find Online.
Displaying your calendar
1 Press Start and select Calendar.
2 Press Menu (right action key)
and select View.