Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

My Treo 750 won’t connect to the Internet
Your Treo 750 supports GPRS or UMTS
wireless data networks. To connect to the
Internet, you must subscribe to data
services with Cingular.
Contact Cingular to verify that your
subscription plan includes data services
and that these services have been
correctly activated. Cingular should also
be able to tell you if there are any
outages in your location.
Press and hold Power/End to turn
off your phone. Then press and hold the
same button to turn it back on.
Perform a soft reset (see Performing a
soft reset).
Confirm that data services are correctly
configured on your Treo 750 by doing
the following:
1 Press Start and select Settings.
2 Select the Connections tab, and then
select Connections .
3 On the Tas ks tab, select Manage
existing connections.
4 If Cingular appears in the list, press OK
. If not, contact Cingular for
I can’t send or receive text or multimedia
Make sure your phone is on (see
Turning your Palm
750 smart
device on/off).
Contact Cingular to verify that your plan
includes messaging services, that these
services have been correctly activated,
and that they are available at your
location. (Cingular should be able to tell
Your phone is connected to a
UMTS network, but you are not
actively transmitting data. You can
still make or receive calls.
UMTS (Universal Mobile
Telecommunications System) A
third-generation (3G) wireless technology that
is designed for high-speed data transfer with
rates up to 384 Kbps.
EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for
GSM Evolution) A wireless technology that
can provide fast data transfer and Internet
access with rates up to 236.8 Kbps.