Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

An alert tells me the device timed out
while waiting for credentials
The Exchange Server credentials screen
was left open too long. Re-enter the
Exchange Server credentials, and try to
sync again.
NOTE For troubleshooting info on Xpress
Mail, go to:
I have problems using my account
Occasionally you may experience problems
using an email account after you set it up. If
you followed the account setup procedure
and are experiencing problems in using the
account, verify that the account complies
with your email provider’s requirements by
following these steps:
Verify both your password and your
username for your email account.
Some email service providers require
you to be on their network to use your
email account. If this is the case, be
sure to use your provider’s network as
the connection type for the account.
Some email service providers have
other requirements specific to their
service. For example, Yahoo! requires
you to set up POP mail forwarding for
your Yahoo! account to download email
messages to your Treo 750. Check with
your service provider to see if any
provider-specific requirements exist.
Service provider settings frequently
change. If your email account was
working but you are currently
experiencing problems, check with your
service provider to see if any of the
account settings have changed.
I have problems sending and receiving
Short periods of time when email is
unavailable are common due to server
problems or poor wireless coverage. If you
have problems sending or receiving mail
for an extended period of time, check with
your ISP or email service provider to verify
that the service is working properly.