Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

A hard reset can tell you whether a
problem stems from your Treo 750 or from
an application installed on it. If you do not
experience the problem after you perform a
hard reset, the problem may be related to
software you installed. See Third-party
applications for suggestions on diagnosing
third-party software issues.
1 Open the expansion card slot door on
the side of your Treo 750.
2 If the screen is off, press Power/End
to wake up the screen.
3 While pressing and holding Power/End
, use the tip of the stylus to gently
press and hold the reset button next to
the expansion card slot.
4 Continue pressing and holding both
buttons until the “Erase all data?”
prompt appears.
5 Press Up to confirm the hard reset.
6 Wait for the progress bar on the Treo
logo screen to fill before continuing to
use your Treo 750.
7 (Optional) Synchronize to restore your
previously synchronized info. If you use
a backup utility, you may also need to
restore a backup to recover additional
info and settings.
Replacing the battery
Your Treo 750 comes with a replaceable
battery. Be sure to use a replacement
battery from Palm that is compatible with
Palm Treo 750 models. Do not use a
battery from any earlier model of Treo 750.
Some third-party applications do not
create a backup on your computer when you
synchronize. If you do a hard reset, you may
lose info in these applications and you need to
reinstall the application on your Treo 750 after
the hard reset. Please contact the developer
to find out if your info is backed up during
When you synchronize after a
hard reset, the source folder in My
Documents changes from Treo My
Documents to WM_your name.