Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

The connection that you make between
two devices by means of Bluetooth
wireless technology. The devices recognize
each other because each device finds the
same passkey on the other device. After
you create a partnership between the
devices, you no longer need to enter the
passkey. Partnership is also known as
paired relationship, pairing, trusted device,
and trusted pair on some devices. See
Connecting to devices with Bluetooth
wireless technology.
Phone Off
Appearing on the Today screen, this
indicates that your Treo 750 is not
connected to any network, and you cannot
make calls except those to emergency
numbers. You can still use the organizer
features, however. To turn the phone on/
off, go to the Wireless Manager. See
Turning your phone on
The button on your Treo 750 that provides
quick access to your Today screen and dials
once you’ve entered a phone number. See
Making calls from the Today screen
PIM (personal information manager)
A genre of software that includes
applications such as Microsoft Outlook,
Palm® Desktop software, Lotus Notes,
and ACT!. PIMs generally store contacts,
schedules, tasks, and memos.
PIN (personal identification number)
The password assigned to your SIM card
by Cingular. Turning on the PIN lock
secures your wireless account. See also
PUK. See Locking the SIM
PIN2 (personal identification number 2)
A code that protects certain network
settings such as fixed dialing.
PUK (PIN unlock key)
A special extended password assigned to
your SIM card. If you enter the wrong PIN
more than the allowed number of times,
your SIM is blocked and you must call
Cingular for the PUK. See Locking the SIM
SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card
The smartcard, inserted into your Treo 750,
that contains your mobile account
information, such as your phone number
and the services to which you subscribe.