Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

7 Select Confirm, tap the onscreen
keyboard icon, and enter the
password again. Then tap the onscreen
keyboard icon.
8 (Optional) Select the Hint tab and enter
a hint to help you recall your password.
9 Press OK .
Entering owner information
You can enter personal information that you
want to associate with your Treo 750, such
as your name, company name, and phone
number. You can also set whether you
want this information to appear when you
turn on your Treo 750. If you lose your Treo
750, this feature can help the person who
finds it return it to you.
1 Press Start and select Settings.
2 On the Personal tab, select Owner
Information .
3 On the Identification tab, enter any of
the contact information you want to
4 Select the Notes tab and then enter any
additional text you want to include.
5 Select the Options tab and check the
boxes to indicate which info (if any) you
want to appear on the screen when you
turn on your Treo 750.
6 Press OK .
System settings
Setting the date and time
Clock & Alarms Settings lets you set the
time zone, time, and date for your home
location and a location that you visit.
You can also display your Owner
Information on your Today screen. See
Selecting which items appear on your
Todayscreen for details.