Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

Display in list view: Sets the types of
files that appear in the documents list.
4 Press OK .
PowerPoint Mobile
With PowerPoint Mobile, you can open and
view slide show presentations created on
your computer. Many presentation
elements such as slide transitions,
animations, and URL links are also
supported. Microsoft
Office PowerPoint
features not supported on your Treo 750
include the following:
Notes written for slides
Rearrangement or editing of slides
Files created in PPT format earlier than
Microsoft PowerPoint ‘97
HTML files in HTM and MHT formats
Playing a presentation
NOTE If a presentation is set up as a timed
slide show, the slides advance
automatically. Presentations pause during
1 Press Start and select Programs.
2 Select PowerPoint Mobile .
3 In the presentation list, highlight the
presentation you want to play.
4 Press Center .
5 Do any of the following:
Press Right to advance to the next
slide or Left to view the previous
Press Menu (right action key),
select Go to Slide, and select the
slide you want to view.
Select Next or Previous to play
Press Menu (right action key),
select Zoom In, and then select to
zoom in or to zoom out. To scroll
within the current slide, tap and drag
the slide. To return to the slide show,
select .
To copy a file from your computer to your
Treo 750, open My Computer or Windows
Explorer on your computer, copy the file into
the Mobile Device folder, and then sync.