Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

4 (Optional) Check the Match case box to
find text that matches the capitalization
in any text you entered in step 3.
5 (Optional) Check the Match whole
words only box to find only full words
that match any text you entered in
step 3.
6 Select Find to locate the first instance
of the info you entered in step 3, or
select Replace and enter the
replacement info.
7 Select Next to find the next instance of
the info, or select Replace to replace it.
To replace all instances of the info,
select Replace All.
8 When you see a message that Excel
Mobile is done searching, press OK .
Organizing your workbooks
You can rename your workbooks. You can
also move them to another folder or move
them between your Treo 750 and an
expansion (storage) card.
1 Go to the workbook list.
2 Select a file.
3 Press Menu (right action key)
and select Rename/Move.
4 Select Name, and then enter a new
name for the workbook.
5 Select the Folder list, and then select
the folder you want to move the
workbook to.
6 Select the Location list, and then select
Main memory or Storage card.
7 Press OK .
8 Select the Show list in the upper-left,
and then select the folder you want to
9 Select the Sort By list in the upper-right,
and then select the sort method.
Deleting cells, rows, and columns
NOTE Excel Mobile adjusts formulas to
reflect the new cell locations. However, a
formula that refers to a deleted cell
displays the #REF! error value.
When you go to a folder, you can easily
search your documents by sorting by type.