Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

client software must be properly set up.
Follow these steps to check the settings:
1 Click Start on your computer, and then
select Settings.
2 Select Control Panel.
3 Select Internet Options, and then click
the Programs tab.
4 Make sure that the email field is set to
the correct email client software.
5 Click OK.
6 Start the email client software and
make sure it is configured as the default
MAPI client. Consult the documentation
for your desktop email application for
more information.
When I sync with my Exchange Server my
info is not downloading to my Treo 750
Check with your system administrator to
obtain the name of the mail server that
offers you wireless access to the corporate
mail system. If you cannot obtain the name
of this server (some companies do not give
it out, because they do not want wireless
access to their servers), you cannot use
Exchange ActiveSync to synchronize with
the Exchange Server. You can also check
the following setting:
1 Press Start and select Programs.
2 Select ActiveSync .
3 Press Menu (right action key)
and select Configure Server.
4 Make sure the SSL box is checked.
I can’t access a page
First, make sure you have Internet access:
Open Internet Explorer Mobile and try to
view a web page you’ve loaded before. To
ensure that you’re viewing the page
directly from the Internet, press Menu
(right action key) and select Refresh.
After confirming your Internet connection,
try to view the page in question again. If it
comes up blank, press Menu (right
action key) and select Refresh.
If you’re still having trouble, the page may
contain elements that are not supported by
Internet Explorer Mobile, such as Flash,