Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

9 Delete the existing partnership
between your Treo 750 and your
computer and create a new one by
doing the following:
Disconnect your Treo 750 and your
computer from the sync cable.
Right-click the gray ActiveSync icon
in the taskbar in the lower-right
corner of your computer screen, and
then select Open Microsoft
Click File, and then click Delete
Mobile Device. When asked to
confirm, click Ye s.
Connect your Treo 750 and your
computer to the sync cable.
When the Synchronization Setup
Wizard appears, follow the steps to
establish a sync relationship between
your Treo 750 and your computer.
10 If your organization uses a firewall or a
VPN connection, synchronizing with
ActiveSync may not work. Go to
and search for the
following topics to help with specific
firewall setup situations:
ActiveSync USB Connection
Troubleshooting Guide
ActiveSync with Sygate Personal
ActiveSync with TrendMicro PC-cillin
Internet Security
ActiveSync with Norton Personal
ActiveSync with Zone Alarm Security
ActiveSync with McAfee Personal
ActiveSync with Windows Firewall
11 Verify with your computer hardware
vendor that your operating system
supports your internal USB controller.
Synchronization finishes but info doesn’t
appear where it should
With the included software, your Treo
750 can synchronize with the root
folders of Contacts, Calendar, Tasks,
and Notes. If you want to synchronize
with a global Exchange Address Book,
you must copy the addresses to your