Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

6 Press Phone/Send to dial.
Dialing from a web page or message
Your Treo 750 recognizes most phone
numbers that appear in web pages or in
messages (text, email, or multimedia).
1 Use the 5-way to highlight the phone
number you want to dial in the web
page or message.
2 Press Center to open the Phone
dialog box, and then select Yes to dial.
Receiving calls
To receive calls, your phone must be on.
This is different from having only the
screen turned on (see Turning your phone
on). When your phone is off, your calls go
to voicemail.
To see a picture of the person calling you!
Learn how to assign a caller ID picture in
Assigning a caller ID ringtone
If music is playing when a call arrives, the
Treo 750 rings softly. You can answer the
phone as you normally would. The audio
pauses during your call.
To answer a call, do one of the following:
Press Phone/Send .
Press Answer (left action key).
If the headset is attached, press the
headset button.
To ignore a call and send it to voicemail,
press Menu (right action key) and
select Ignore or press the Power/End
If you can’t dial a phone number directly
from a web page or a message, then highlight
the number, select Edit (right action key), and
select Copy. Open the Dial Pad, and then
press and hold Center on the 5-way to paste.
Press Phone/Send to dial.