Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

Te r m s
The technology that exchanges and
updates the information on your Palm
Tre o
750 smart device with the
information on your computer. To open
ActiveSync on your computer, double-click
the ActiveSync icon in the taskbar in the
lower-right corner of your screen. If the
icon does not appear, click Start, click All
Programs (or navigate to the Programs
group), and then select Microsoft
ActiveSync. See Installing the desktop
synchronization software.
Alt (alternative)
The key that you use to enter accented
characters and symbols that do not appear
on your keyboard. Press Alt , and then
press a key on the keyboard to view the
alternative characters available for that key.
See Entering other symbols and accented
auto-off interval
The time of inactivity that passes before
the screen on your Treo 750 turns off. The
wireless features on your Treo 750 are
unaffected by this setting. See O
power settings.
The process of sending or receiving an
entry or application using the infrared port
on your Treo 750 or using Bluetooth®
wireless technology. See Beaming
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Technology that enables devices such as
smart devices, mobile phones, and
computers to connect wirelessly to each
other so that they can exchange
information over short distances. For more
info, visit
. See
Connecting to devices with Bluetooth
wireless technology.
desktop software
A PIM application for computers, such as
Microsoft Outlook®, that helps you
manage your personal information and
keep it synchronized with your Treo 750.
See Installing the desktop synchronization