Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

Addresses and phone numbers and SMS
messages can also be stored on the SIM
card. See I
nserting the SIM card and
SMS (Short Messaging Service)
The service that exchanges short text
messages almost instantly between
mobile devices. Your Treo 750 can send
and receive text messages while you are
on a call. See Creating and sending a text
The menu on your Treo 750 from which you
can open all applications. See O
Technology that enables you to access
media content—for example, watch video
or listen to an audio program—directly
from the Internet on your Treo 750 without
needing to download a file to save on your
Treo 750. See Viewing a video
The process in which information that is
entered or updated on your Treo 750, your
computer, or a server is instantly updated
in one of the other locations either
wirelessly or by means of a cable
connection. See Synchronizing information
UMTS (Universal Mobile
Telecommunications System)
One of the third-generation (3G) mobile
phone technologies that is designed for
high-speed data transfer with rates up to
384 Kbps. It uses W-CDMA as the
underlying technology. See What are all
those icons?
The name associated with your Treo 750
that distinguishes it from other Windows
Mobile® devices. If you install
ActiveSync® desktop software, you are
asked to give your Treo 750 a username. If
you only synchronize wirelessly using
Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, you do not
need to give your Treo 750 a username.
See Installing the desktop synchronization
Windows Mobile
The operating system of your Treo 750 Treo
750. Your Treo 750 uses Windows Mobile®
5.2. When installing third-party applications
to your Treo 750, be sure to install only