Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

dialog box
A set of options and command buttons that
is enclosed by a border and that enables
you to carry out a specific task.
EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM
An enhanced version of GPRS that delivers
data speeds that are up to three times
faster than standard GPRS connections,
with rates up to 236.8 Kbps. (Additional
charges may apply.) See What are all those
GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)
A mobile Internet connectivity technology
that allows persistent data connections.
(Additional charges may apply.) See What
are all those icons?
infrared (IR)
A way of transmitting information using
light waves. You use the IR port on
your Treo 750 to transfer information
between other IR devices within a
short radius. See Beaming informatio
Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
The rechargeable battery technology used
in your Treo 750. See C
harging the battery.
Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync®
Technology that allows your Treo 750 to
synchronize email, contacts, calendar
events, and tasks wirelessly with Microsoft
Exchange Server 2003. See Setting up
wireless synchronization.
MMS (Multimedia Messaging System)
An enhanced messaging system that
enables you to send pictures, animations,
and ringtones almost instantly. See
Creating and sending a multimedia
Mobile Device
The component on your Windows
computer that enables you to install
applications and other information on your
Treo 750. To access it, open Windows
Explorer or My Computer and look for the
Mobile Device entry. See Installing
applications from your computer.
Press this key and then a second key to
enter the character or to access the feature
displayed above the letter on the second
key. See E
ntering numbers, punctuation,
and symbols.