Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

Setting up
BEFORE YOU BEGIN Do the following:
You must have a data plan with Cingular
to use email on your Treo 750. To find
out if you have a plan, or to sign up if
you don’t have one, call Customer
Service by dialing 611 from your
Treo 750 or 1-866-CINGULAR
(1-866-246-4852) or dial 611 from your
Treo 750, or check your most recent
Cingular Wireless bill.
If you want delivery of Outlook email
using Direct Push Technology, make
sure that your IT administrator has
upgraded your Exchange Server 2003 to
Service Pack 2.
Entering settings for an email account
You can use your Treo 750 to access email
from both personal and corporate email
accounts. You can easily set up personal or
corporate wireless email yourself, or you
can work with your company’s IT
administrator to obtain access to your
corporate email system. The following
setup applications are available for
do-it-yourself setup and IT-assisted setup.
You can use one or more of these
applications to access email for all of your
NOTE Once you enter settings for an
account using one of the applications listed
here, you view and compose messages for
that account in the Inbox application on
your Treo 750. The Inbox application is the
home base for viewing and sending
messages for all your email accounts.
Do-It-Yourself Setup Applications:
Xpress Mail, Pocket MSN, Inbox. Use
one of these apps to enter settings for a
personal ISP account (such as EarthLink,
Comcast, or CompuServe) or web-based
account (such as Gmail or Yahoo! Mail
Plus), or for a corporate account that uses
Microsoft Outlook
or Lotus Notes.
IT-Assisted Setup Applications:
GoodLink™ Mobile Messaging,
Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
. Use
these applications to securely synchronize
email with your corporate email server.
Your IT administrator must have configured
the server to work with these applications