Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

expansion card or delete images from
your Treo 750 (see Pictures & Videos
Messaging: Multimedia content and
email attachments can consume
excessive memory. Move multimedia
content and attachments to an
expansion card, or delete large files
from your Treo 750 (see Message
status icons). You may also want to
empty the deleted items folder.
Internet: If you save links to pages
you’ve visited in Internet Explorer
Mobile, you may want to clear all recent
pages (see Customizing your Internet
Explorer Mobile settings).
Third-party applications: You can
delete infrequently used applications or
move them to an expansion card (see
Copying or moving applications and files
between your Treo 750 and an
expansion card).
Also, remember that your Treo 750
includes an expansion card slot, and that
you can store applications and information
on expansion cards. However, you still
need free memory on the Treo 750 itself
to run applications from an expansion card.
Voice quality
Is the other person hearing an echo?
Try decreasing the volume on your Treo
750 to avoid coupling or feedback on
the other person’s end. This applies to
both the speakerphone and to the
handset earpiece.
Position the Treo 750 closer to your ear
to prevent sound leaking back to the
microphone. Keep your hand away from
the microphone hole, which is on the
lower-right side of your Treo 750.
If you’re using Speakerphone mode
with your Treo 750 lying on a flat
surface, try turning the Treo 750 “face
down” (screen facing the surface).
Are you hearing your own voice echo?
Ask the other person to turn down their
volume or to hold the Treo 750 closer to
their ear.