Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

To move a file to another folder,
highlight the item, press and hold
Center to open the shortcut
menu, and then select Cut or Copy.
Open the destination folder, press and
hold Center to open the shortcut
menu, and then select Paste.
To highlight multiple items, tap and
drag the stylus.
IMPORTANT Do not delete any files that
you cannot identify. These files may be
required for your Treo 750 to function
Installing applications
Your Treo 750 comes with several built-in
and ready-to-use applications. You can also
install any of the additional software
included on the Windows Mobile Getting
Started Disc as well as other third-party
applications that are compatible with
Windows Mobile
5.0 devices, such as
business software, games, and more. To
learn more, go to
Applications you download to your
computer are likely to be in a compressed
format such as ZIP. If the file is
compressed, you need to use a
decompression utility on your computer,
such as WinZip, before you install
applications on your Treo 750.
These instructions tell you how to install
basic files onto your Treo 750. Some
software uses an installer or wizard to
guide you through the process. For details,
consult the documentation that came with
the software.
Installing bonus software from the CD
The Windows Mobile Getting Started Disc
includes several bonus software
applications that you can install on your
Treo 750. You can install these applications
when you install the desktop software, or
you can install them later.
If an application does not have a Microsoft
Mobile to Market certificate, you see a
message indicating that the application is
untrusted. If this occurs, you can indicate
whether you want to continue the installation.