Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

Deleting a note
1 Go to the Notes list and highlight the
note you want to delete.
2 Press Menu (right action key)
and select Delete.
3 Select Ye s.
Customizing Notes
1 Go to the Notes list.
2 Press Menu (right action key)
and select Options.
3 Set any of the following options:
Default mode: Makes the default entry
mode either Writing or Typing. The
default is Typing; if you change it to
Writing, you can write notes directly on
the screen using the stylus.
Default template: Specifies the default
template for new notes.
Save to: Indicates the default location
where new notes are stored.
Record button action: Specifies what
happens when you press the Side
button to record a voice note while in
another application: whether the Notes
application opens or whether you stay
in the current application.
4 Press OK .
To create a new folder, go to the Notes list,
select the Show list in the upper-left, and then
select Add/Delete. Select New, enter a name
for the folder, and then press OK.