Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

Where to learn more
For a quick introduction
Quick Tour: The Quick Tour introduces
you to many of your Palm
smart device’s features. It is already
installed on your Treo 750, and you can
open it any time. Press Start , select
Programs, and then select Quick Tour
While using your Treo 750
On-device User Guide: A copy of this
guide is included on your Treo 750. The
on-device guide is specially formatted
for your Treo 750 screen. To view the
on-device guide, press Start and
select Help.
Online support from Palm: For
up-to-date downloads, troubleshooting,
and support information, go to
If you need more information
Books: Many books on Windows
devices are available in local or
online book retailers (look in the
computers section), or visit
Online forums: Consult online Treo 750
device user discussion groups to swap
information and learn about topics you
may find nowhere else. Visit
treo750cingular for details.
Customer service from Cingular: For
questions about your mobile account or
features, contact Cingular customer
care at 1-866-CINGULAR
(1-866-246-4852) or dial 611 from your
Treo 750.