Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

Clean the camera’s lens with a soft,
lint-free cloth.
Take pictures in bright lighting
conditions. Low-light images may be
grainy, due to the sensitivity of the
Hold the camera as still as possible. Try
supporting your picture-taking arm
against your body or a stationary object
(such as a wall).
Keep the subject of the pictures still.
Exposure time is longer with lower light
levels, so you may see a blur.
For best results, verify that you have the
brightest light source coming from
behind you, lighting the subject’s face.
Avoid taking indoor pictures with the
subject in front of a window or light.
Make sure the subject is at least
18 inches (0.5 meters) away from the
camera to ensure good focus.
Remember that when you synchronize,
your Camera images are stored in the
C:\Documents and
Settings\<Username>\My Documents\Treo
My Documents folder on your hard drive
(see Camera
The Camera preview image looks strange
Some third-party applications overwrite the
color settings on your Treo 750 with their
own 8-bit color settings. This can affect the
Camera Preview Mode. Delete third-party
applications one by one until the preview
image improves.
Sometimes third-party applications can
cause conflicts on your Treo 750.
Third-party applications that modify
wireless features may affect the
performance of your Treo 750 and may
require extra troubleshooting. Use caution
when installing the following types of
Ringtone managers
Caller ID applications
Instant messaging
Applications that modify when your
phone or data connections turn on or off
and how your phone behaves