Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

you if messaging services have been
experiencing transmission delays.)
If possible, contact the recipient or
sender of the message, and make sure
the receiving device can handle the type
of message you’re sending.
If a text message arrives but does not
display a notification, perform a soft
reset (see P
erforming a soft reset).
I can’t make or receive calls using a
hands-free device with Bluetooth
wireless technology
Verify all of the following:
The Turn on Bluetooth box is checked
in Bluetooth Settings.
Your Bluetooth device is charged and
turned on.
Your Treo 750 is within range of the
hands-free device. Bluetooth range is
up to 30 feet (10 meters) in optimum
environmental conditions, which include
the absence of the following: obstacles,
radio interference from nearby
electronic equipment, and other factors.
The Bluetooth Settings screen is closed.
You are away from other devices using
the 2.4 GHz radio frequency, such as
cordless phones, microwaves, and
Wi-Fi equipment. If this is impossible,
move the phone closer to the
hands-free device.
The device specifications are
compatible with your Treo 750.
I lost the connection between my Treo 750
and my Bluetooth headset
1 Press Start , and then select
2 Select the Connections tab, and then
select Bluetooth.
3 Select Devices tab.
4 Select your headset name from the list.
5 In Partnership Settings, make sure the
Hands Free option box is checked.
6 Select Save.
7 Highlight the headset name.
8 Press and hold Center to open the
shortcut menu, and then select Set as
9 Test your headset by making or
receiving a call.