Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

as its email server? If so, you may be able
to wirelessly synchronize the email and
other Outlook info on your Treo 750 and the
same info stored on the Exchange Server
using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
When the Exchange Server is upgraded to
Service Pack 2, you may be able to take
advantage of the additional features of
Direct Push Technology. Direct Push
Technology is a two-way wireless delivery
method that keeps your Outlook
information always up-to-date and provides
more efficient communication between the
server and your Treo 750. It includes
features like Global Address List, Tasks
Over The Air (OTA), and IP-based push
updating of Calendar, Messaging, and
To synchronize wirelessly, you need to set
up an Exchange Server Account. Work with
your system administrator to gather the
following info, and then follow the steps in
this section to set up an account.
Mail server address and domain name
The username and password you use to
access your corporate mail server
Security connection: Does your server
use an encrypted (SSL) connection?
1 Press Start and select Programs.
2 Select ActiveSync .
3 Press Menu (right action key)
and select Add Server Source.
Because your desktop copy of
Outlook also syncs with the server, whatever
is synchronized to the server from your Treo
750 also shows up in Outlook; and whatever
you enter or change in Outlook on your
computer syncs to the server and then shows
up on your Treo 750.
If you installed ActiveSync desktop
software, you may have already set up your
Treo 750 to synchronize wirelessly with the
server. To check, press Start, select
Programs, and select ActiveSync. Press
Menu (right action key). If Configure Server
appears instead of Add Server Source,
wireless sync is already set up, and you can
skip this procedure.