Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

4 (Optional) Enter a Quick Key. When the
Today screen is showing, you can press
and hold the Quick Key to instantly dial
this number.
Quick Keys can be letters or numbers,
but you can’t use both the letter and
number on the same key. For example,
the voicemail Quick Key is 1. The letter
equivalent for that key is E, so you
cannot assign E as a Quick Key to
another speed-dial button.
5 If this button is linked to a contact entry
with a picture, select either Text Speed
Dial or Picture Speed Dial to indicate
which type of button you want to
create. If this button is not linked to a
contact or the contact doesn’t have a
picture, the Picture Speed Dial option is
not available.
6 (Optional) Select the Advanced tab and
set any of the following options:
Extra Digits: Defines additional
numbers to dial, such as a password or
extension. In addition to numbers, you
can enter the following symbols: star
) and pound (#). To enter a one-
second pause, enter a comma (,).
Dial extra digits automatically: Dials
predefined Extra Digits immediately
after dialing the phone number. If you
do not check this box, you need to press
Extra Digits (left action key) to
dial these digits.
Show voice mail buttons: Displays the
voicemail playback controls after you
dial this speed-dial number. When this
option is checked, you can enter
numbers below each control to tailor
the controls to your voicemail system.
Plays the previous message.
You can add a special ringtone to a contact
associated with the speed-dial button. See
dding a contact.