Palm 750 Cell Phone User Manual

The following features are partially
supported in Word Mobile:
Picture bullets. Regular bullets are
Revision marks. Documents appear as
though all revisions were accepted; if
the document is saved, revision marks
are lost.
Table styles. Some or all of the
formatting is lost if the document
is saved.
Underline styles. Unsupported styles
are mapped to one of the four
supported styles: regular, dotted, wavy,
or thick/bold/wide.
Legacy Pocket Word files. You can open
PSW files, but if you edit a file, you
need to save it in DOC, RTF, TXT, or DOT
The following features are not supported
on your Treo 750, but they remain in the file
so that when you open the file on your
computer, they appear as expected:
Fonts and font sizes. Original fonts are
listed on your Treo 750 and are mapped
to the closest font available.
Footnotes, endnotes, headers, and
Lists. Indented lists are mapped to the
closest indentation level supported by
Word Mobile.
Page breaks. Although not displayed, all
page breaks, except a break placed at
the end of a document, are retained in
the document.
Creating a document
1 Press Start and select Programs.
2 Select Word Mobile .
3 Press New (left action key).
4 Enter the text of the document.
5 Press OK to save the file. When you
save a new document, it is
automatically named after the first
several words in the file.
Opening an existing document
1 Press Start and select Programs.
2 Select Word Mobile .
3 In the document list, select the
document you want to open.