LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

2H. Camera 89
Copy/Move to copy or move the picture or video to In
Phone or Memory Card.
Media Filter to display the following options:
All to display all media.
Pictures to display only pictures.
Videos to display only videos.
Rename to rename a video.
Camera Mode/ Camcorder Mode to switch between
camera and video mode.
Other Options (pictures only) to use the following
Edit to edit the picture using Flip, Zoom, Rotate, or
Image Effects to apply one of eight available
effects to the image.
Face Warp to detect a face in the picture, and
apply one of the many fun face warp effects.
Cancel to return to the previous menu.
Media Info to display information such as File Name,
Model (pictures only), Taken, Resolution, File Size,
Quality (pictures only), and Location (for pictures
Sending Sprint Picture Mail
Once you have taken a picture or a video, you can use
the messaging capabilities of your phone to instantly
share it with family and friends. You can send a picture
to up to 40 people at a time using their email
addresses or their wireless phone numbers.
Sending Pictures and Videos From the
In Phone Folder or Memory Card
1. Touch > Main Menu > Photos & Videos > My
Photos & Videos > In Phone or Memory Card.
2. Touch a picture or video to send.
To select multiple picture and videos, touch
on the right top of the screen. Touch
pictures or videos as many as you want.
3. Touch > Contact. (You will see a send to
4. Select a phone number or an email address:
Touch to enter a mobile phone
number or an email address directly.
Multi Select
New Addr