LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

2I. Bluetooth 95
– Bluetooth is connected.
– A Bluetooth mono or stereo headset is
– A Bluetooth stereo speaker is connected.
Bluetooth Settings
You can set up many of the characteristics of your
phone’s Bluetooth service, including:
Entering or changing the name your phone uses for
Bluetooth communication
Setting your phone’s visibility (or “discoverability”) for
other Bluetooth devices
Displaying your phone’s Bluetooth address
To access the Bluetooth Settings menu:
1. Touch > Main Menu > (slide the screen up) >
Tools > Bluetooth.
2. Ensure that Bluetooth is turned on. (See “To turn
Bluetooth on:” on page 94.)
3. Set your Bluetooth options.
Select Visibility > Hidden, Visible for 3 min, or
Always Visible to set your Bluetooth visibility.
Select My Bluetooth Info to display your phone's
Bluetooth profiles and address. Touch
to rename your phone for Bluetooth.
Pairing Bluetooth Devices
Paired Devices
The Bluetooth pairing process allows you to establish
trusted connections between your phone and another
Bluetooth device. When you pair devices, they share a
passkey, allowing for fast, secure connections while
bypassing the discovery and authentication process.
To pair your phone with another Bluetooth device:
1. Touch > Main Menu > (slide the screen up) >
Tools > Bluetooth > Add New. (Your phone will
display a list of discovered in-range Bluetooth
2. Touch a device, enter the passkey, and touch
Edit Name