LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

3B. Web and Data Services 111
Web and Data
To scroll line by line through websites:
Touch and slide the screen up or down.
– or –
Touch and drag the scroll bar on the right of the
Once you’ve learned how to use softkeys and scroll,
you can start navigating the Web.
To select onscreen items:
Touch a link and it will take you to that web page. If
you are using the QWERTY keyboard, use the
arrow keys to highlight a link and press
or touch
Links, which are displayed as underlined text
, allow you
to jump to Web pages, select special functions, or even
place phone calls.
To select links:
Touch link and touch the appropriate softkey.
Going Back
To go back one page:
Press the or key on your phone.
Going Home
To return to the home page from any other page:
Press and hold or .
– or –
TOOLBAR (right softkey) > Home.
Tip: You’ll find that the left softkey is used primarily for
selecting items. This softkey is often labeled “GO.”
Note: You can also use the key for deleting text (like a
BACKSPACE key) when you are entering text.