LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

2G. microSD Card 81
microSD Card
Important Connection Information
No driver installation is required for Windows 2000/
ME/XP/Vista/7 users.
To avoid loss of data, DO NOT remove the USB
cable, the microSD card, or the battery while files are
being accessed or transferred.
DO NOT use your computer to change or edit folder
or file names on the microSD card, and do not
attempt to transfer large amounts of data from the
computer to the microSD card. Doing so may cause
the microSD card to fail.
DO NOT turn off or restart your computer, or put it
into standby mode, while using a mass storage
device. Doing so will result in loss or damage of data.
While you are connected to the computer, your
phone’s screen will display “Phone Off.” You cannot
make or receive calls.
If you connect a mass storage device to a peripheral
device, your device may not work properly.