LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

3A. Sprint Service: The Basics 99
Sprint Service
New Voicemail Message Alerts
When you receive a new voice message, your phone
alerts you and prompts you to call your voicemail.
To call your voicemail:
Press , then touch and hold .
To display your Missed Log:
Touch the bubble icon (such as ) on the
status bar.
Retrieving Your Voicemail Messages
You can review your messages directly from your
wireless phone or from any other touch-tone phone. To
dial from your wireless phone, either speed dial your
voicemail or use the menu keys.
Using One-Touch Message Access
Press , then touch and hold . (Your
phone will dial your voicemail box.)
Using the Menu Keys on Your Phone to Access
Your Messages
1. Touch > Main Menu > Messaging > Voicemail.
2. Touch on Voicemail to listen to your messages.
Using Another Phone to Access Messages
1. Dial your wireless phone number.
2. When your voicemail answers, press .
3. Enter your passcode.
Note: When you are roaming off the Nationwide Sprint
Network, you may not receive notification of new
voicemail messages. Sprint recommends that you
periodically check your voicemail by dialing 1 + area
code + your wireless phone number. When your
voicemail answers, press
and enter your
passcode. Roaming rates apply when you access
voicemail while roaming off the Nationwide Sprint
Your phone accepts messages even when it is turned
off. However, your phone notifies you of new messages
only when it is turned on and you are in a Sprint service
Note: You are charged for airtime minutes when you are
accessing your voicemail from your wireless phone.