LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

86 2H. Camera
Using the phone’s display screen as a viewfinder,
aim the camera lens at your subject.
4. Touch , or press the side camera button.
To pause and then resume the recording, press
touch or .
5. Touch , or press the side camera button to
stop recording. (Your phone automatically saves the
video in your default storage area.)
6. Touch for more options:
(only for Video Mail videos) to send the
video. (See page 87 for details.)
Play to play the video that was just recorded.
Assign to assign the video as a ringer.
Take New Video to return to camcorder mode.
Delete to delete the video that was just recorded.
Review My Videos to go to the In Phone folder or
Memory Card folder (if available) to review your
saved videos.
Cancel to close the options menu.
Video Mode Options
In camcorder mode, touch to display additional
camera options:
Color Tone to adjust the color tone from Normal, Black
& White, Negative, and Sepia. (The default setting is
Image Controls to select from the following options:
Brightness to select Auto or Manual brightness
control. If you select
Manual, move the scroll bar
up (increase) or down (decrease) to select a
White Balance to adjust white balance based on
the different lighting conditions. Select from
Tungsten, Fluorescent, Sunny, Cloudy, or Manual (10
Settings to select Resolution, Quality, Cue Sound,
Status Bar, or Video Length. (See “Video Settings” on
page 87 for details.)
Self Timer to activate the camcorder’s timer. (See
“Self timer” on page 84.)
Enable Auto-Send to set the phone automatically to
send the video to a selected place.