LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

2A. Phone Basics 19
Phone Basics
Plug the small end of the charger into the phone’s
charger jack and the other end into an electrical
A red indicator light means the battery is charging.
A green indicator light means the battery is at
least 90 percent charged.
With the Sprint-approved Li-poly battery, you can
recharge the battery before it becomes completely run
Navigating Through the Menus
Touch > Main Menu to access menus.
On the Touch Screen
To scroll through lists, touch the screen and slide your
finger up the screen as shown in the following figure.
The list will move up so more items are visible. To
display the top list back, slide the screen down.
To select an item, touch it on the menu. Your phone will
vibrate slightly when it recognizes you’ve touched a
For example, to view your text messages:
1. Touch and then Main Menu to access the main
2. Touch Messaging.
3. Touch Messages. (If you have any text messages,
they are displayed.)
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