LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

74 2F. Voice Services
Making a Voice Call With ASR
1. Press and hold .
2. After you hear “Please say a command”, say “Call”.
3. When you hear “Please say name & phone type or
say number” say a name and phone type or a
phone number.
4. Your request will be repeated and you will be
asked to verify. Say “
Yes” to call the number or
person. (The number will automatically be dialed.)
Say “
No” if you wish to cancel.
Opening Menus With ASR
You can jump directly to some of the menu items or
applications by saying “Go to” followed by a menu
1. Press and hold .
2. If you hear “Please say a command,” say “Go To.”
3. If you hear “Please choose,” say an application
name (for example, “Messaging”).
4. The phone opens the selected menu.
Checking Phone Status Using ASR
You can use ASR to obtain information about your
Phone Status
Signal Strength
Tip: You can skip step 3 saying a name and location after
“Call” without pausing (for example, “
Call John Jones
Note: If ASR does not recognize the name or number, it will
find the most likely matches and display a list of up to
four names or numbers. You will hear “Did you say…”
followed by the name or number. You can confirm by
saying “
Yes.” Say “No” to skip to the next match.