LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

2D. Contacts 57
Assigning a Picture to an Entry
Assign a picture to display each time a certain contact
calls you.
1. Display a Contacts entry (see “Contacts Entry
Options” on page 53) and touch at the top
right of the screen.
2. Touch an entry’s current image or placeholder to
display the Picture ID menu.
3. Select an option, such as No Image, Take New
Picture, My Photos, Downloaded Images, or Assigned
4. Touch a picture and touch Assign to assign it.
If you selected Take New Picture, the camera will
launch so that you can take a new picture. (See
“2H. Camera” on page 82 for details.)
If you selected My Photos, you may need to select
In Phone or Memory Card to find the picture you
want to use.
5. Touch to save the assigned picture.
Creating a Group
Create a group to send a message to the members of
a group at a time. Created groups also will be shown in
Contacts in alphabetical order.
1. From standby mode, touch > Contacts.
2. Touch and select New Group.
3. Touch each member to assign to the group. When
multiple phone numbers or email addresses are
saved for a Contacts entry, touch the phone
number or email address you wish to associate
with that entry.
4. After selecting all members, touch .
5. Touch Enter Group Name to enter a name for the
new group, and then touch .
6. Touch .
Add New