LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

3C. Entertainment: TV and Music 125
TV and Music
Backing Up Your Downloaded Music Files
Sprint recommends you back up your downloaded
music files to your computer. Although the downloaded
files can only be played on your phone and on your
account, backing them up to your computer lets you
access the files in case your microSD card is lost or
damaged, or if you install a new microSD card.
1. Connect your phone using a USB cable or the
built-in connection on Bluetooth-enabled phones.
2. Once your phone is connected to the computer,
> Main Menu > (slide the screen up) >
Tools > Mass Storage > Connect to PC > Yes to sync
the phone to the computer.
3. Use your computer to navigate to the microSD
MUSIC folder.
4. Select and copy the music files to a folder on your
computer’s hard drive.
Multitasking is a way of maintaining one application
active while using another. While your current music
selection is playing, you can activate the Application
Manager screen and choose from a list of available
applications which can be run in tandem with your
To multitask on your phone:
1. Launch the Sprint Music Store application.
> Main Menu > Entertainment > Music.)
2. Touch the Player tab.
3. Touch a file to play the selected song.
4. Press to exit the Music Store application without
closing it and launch the pop-up menu, where you
Note: Although you can store purchased and downloaded
music files on your computer, they will only be playable
on your phone and on your account.
If you copy the files to a new microSD card, you will
need to create a folder on the card called “MUSIC” to
be able to play the music files.