LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

80 2G. microSD Card
microSD Card Folders
Displaying Your microSD Card Folders
Compatible files stored in your microSD are accessible
through your microSD card folders.
1. With the microSD card inserted, touch > Main
Menu > Tools > Mass Storage > File Manager.
2. Touch a folder (for example DCIM, MUSIC, EMAIL,
3. To view or play a file, touch it or the appropriate
touch key.
Connecting Your Phone to Your
Before using your phone’s mass storage capabilities,
you need to prepare your phone’s settings to
synchronize with your desktop or laptop computer.
Once you have connected the phone to the computer,
you can transfer your data to or from the microSD card.
1. With the microSD card inserted, connect your
phone to your computer using a compatible USB
2. The USB Connection menu should open
automatically; select
Connect to PC. If the menu
doesn’t open, then touch
> Main Menu > (slide
the screen up)
> Tools > Mass Storage > Connect to
3. Read the notice and touch Yes.
To remove the connection:
When you have finished transferring data, press
and touch
Yes. After the message that your
device is disconnected, it is safe to remove the
USB cable.
Note: For information on file and folder options available
through File Manager, see “File Manager” on page 67.