LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

116 3B. Web and Data Services
To download purchased content from My Content
1. From the My Content Manager display (see
page 115), touch a category and then select an
item by touching it. (You will see the information
page for the selected item.)
2. Touch Download. (The item will download
automatically. When you see the
New Download
screen, you have successfully downloaded the
item to your phone. If the item is already installed
on your phone, a warning message will appear
and will give you the following options:
Existing, to overwrite and replace the existing item,
Cancel, to cancel the download, and Launch
Existing, to launch the existing downloaded item.)
3. Select an option to continue:
Select Listen/Use/Run/View to listen to a ringer,
start a game or application, or view a screen
saver. Your data session will end, and you will be
redirected to the appropriate phone menu screen.
Select Set as to assign a ringer or screen saver to
a phone function.
Select Settings to configure downloaded games
or applications.
Select Shop to browse for other items to
Press to quit the browser and return to
standby mode.
For complete information and instructions on
Games, Ringers, Screen Savers,
Applications, and Call Tones, visit the Digital Lounge at
You can access a wide variety of applications in many
different categories with your phone and data service.
Your phone comes preloaded with links to the
following applications:
NFL Mobile Live
Tip: You can also access My Content Manager through the
phone’s main menu. Touch
> Main Menu > My Stuff
> [Games, Ringers, Screen Savers
, Applications, or
Call Tones] > My Content Manager > Go
. The browser
will open and take you to the corresponding content.