LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

114 3B. Web and Data Services
Downloading Games, Ringers, and
You have access to a dynamic variety of downloadable
content, such as games, ringers, screen savers, and
other applications. (Additional charges may apply.)
Follow the basic steps below to access and download
these items.
Accessing the Download Menus
1. Touch > Main Menu > My Stuff.
2. Select a download category (Games, Ringers,
Screen Savers, Applications, or Call Tones), and
then select
Get New. (The browser will start and
take you to the corresponding download menu.)
To access the download menus from the Web browser:
1. From the home page, select Sitemap > Downloads.
2. Select Call Tones, Games, Ringers, Screen Savers,
Applications and more to go to the corresponding
download menu. (For more information on
navigating the Web, see “Navigating the Web” on
page 110.)
Selecting an Item to Download
You can search for available items to download in a
number of ways:
Featured displays a selection of featured items.
Categories allows you to narrow your search to a
general category. (There may be several pages of
available content in a list. Select
Next 9 to view
additional items.)
Search allows you to use your keypad to enter
search criteria to locate an item. You may enter an
entire word or title or perform a partial-word search.
Downloading an Item
Once you’ve chosen and highlighted an item, touch it
to select it. You will see a summary page for the item
including its title, cost, and expiration date. Links allow
you to view the
Preview page, to preview an item,
Description page, which outlines the file size,
description of the item, the vendor, and its version, and
License Info page, which details the price, license
type, expiration, and terms of use.