LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

2A. Phone Basics 21
Phone Basics
Making and Answering Calls
Making Calls
1. Press and enter a phone number using the
dial pad or the keyboard. (If you make a mistake
while dialing, touch or press to erase the
2. Touch or press . (To make a call when
you are roaming and Call Guard is enabled, touch
Roam Call and touch . See “Call Guard” on
page 106.)
3. To end the call, drag the toggle key to .
You can also place calls from your phone by speed
dialing numbers from your Contacts (page 27), using
your History listings (page 48), and ASR (Automatic
Speech Recognition) (page 73).
Dialing Options
When you enter numbers you will see a variety of
dialing options displayed on the phone’s screen.
To initiate an option, touch the corresponding key.
Save: Enter a seven-digit or ten-digit number (phone
number and area code) and touch
Save to save the
Dial pad
Dial pad
Dial pad
Recent History
Recent History
Hello UI
Hello UI
Tip: To redial other recent numbers, press , and
touch , the desired number, and .
When making calls off the Nationwide Sprint Network,
always dial using 11 digits (1 + area code + phone