LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

112 3B. Web and Data Services
Accessing Messages
You can send and receive email messages and text
messages and participate in Web-based chat rooms
right from your phone. Messaging allows you to stay
connected 24 hours a day anywhere on the Nationwide
Sprint Network.
Your phone’s email application lets you access and
manage multiple email accounts simultaneously in one
convenient location.
Getting Started With Email
1. Touch > Main Menu > (slide the screen up) >
Messaging > Email. (The Email setup wizard will
2. Touch CONTINUE to continue.
3. Select an email provider (such as AOL
Mail, AIM
Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo!
Mail, or Gmail
) and press
the right softkey.
– or –
Work to set up a corporate email account
using either Outlook Web Access from a Microsoft
Exchange Server or the Sprint Mobile Email
connector for direct access.
– or –
More ... to choose from additional options.
There are many available email options listed, or
you may add your own POP or IMAP email
4. Follow the setup wizard instructions to enter the
required sign-up information. Touch
CONTINUE if you are prompted to accept any
license agreements or disclaimers.
5. If applicable, read the notice regarding Mail Push. If
you would like to enable Mail Push, touch
Yes. If
Note: Work Email Setup: Consult your company’s IT
department for required information and permissions
for any Work email accounts. Read the onscreen setup
instructions for additional information about setting up
and using Work email options on your phone.
Note: The information required to sign in will vary depending
on the email provider you are accessing.