LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

3C. Entertainment: TV and Music 127
TV and Music
Also, in some situations, the camera or camcorder may
have limited functionality or become unavailable. For
example, if you were currently playing music (via the
Music Store), or playing a game in the background,
and then want take a photo, the phone may prompt
you with a “CPU Low, Kill the Application” dialog. This
indicates that the current phone resources are low and
you should terminate one of the current applications
before continuing. Refer to the procedure above to exit
either a specific application or all current applications,
and then launch the camera or camcorder again.
Streaming Music
In addition to the Sprint Music Store, Sprint offers a
variety of musical options through the Music category
in the Sprint TV menu, including SIRIUS Music, Music
Choice, VH1, and many others. Choose from rock, pop,
hip-hop, and R&B, and access exclusive video clips,
music industry news, performances, and interviews
with your favorite artists.
1. Touch > Main Menu > Entertainment >
Sprint TV > Radio > [selection].
2. Select Preview to see and hear a preview of your
selected channel (if available).
– or –
Options > Subscriptions to purchase a
monthly subscription to your selected channel.
Once you have purchased access to a music or radio
channel, you can select from a variety of stations to
listen to your favorite music or get caught up on what’s
new in music.