LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

56 2D. Contacts
Touch a speed dial location to replace.
4. Touch and select the new phone number.
(A confirmation is displayed.)
Finding Speed Dial Numbers
1. From standby mode, touch > Contacts.
2. Touch > Settings > Speed Numbers.
3. Scroll through speed dial entries. Speed dial
numbers are displayed in numeric order.
– or –
Enter the number of a speed dial location using
your keypad.
4. To display an entry, touch it.
5. To dial the entry, touch .
Selecting a Ringer Type for an Entry
Assign a ringer type to a Contacts entry so you can
identify the caller by the ringer type. (See “Ringer
Types” on page 33.)
1. Display a Contacts entry (see “Contacts Entry
Options” on page 53) and touch on the
right top of the screen.
2. Slide the screen up and touch the current ring type
to display the Ringer Type menu.
3. Select a ringer menu, such as Default Ringer,
Downloaded Ringers, Other Ringers, No Ringer, My
Videos, Voice Memo, My Audio or Assigned Media.
4. Scroll through available ringers. (To hear a sample
ringer, touch .)
5. Touch a ringer to select it.
6. Touch to save the new ringer type.
Note: To move to far below quickly, touch the scroll thumb tag
and drag to the desired location.
Note: To delete the speed dial number assigned, touch the
speed dial location and select Remove.