LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

2E. Calendar & Tools 65
Calendar / Tools
After selecting related persons in the Contacts list
touch .
6. Touch Alarm to set an alarm time.
Select None, On time, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 hour,
1 day, or 2 days and touch .
7. Touch Alarm Bell to select a ringer type.
Select a ringer menu and touch a ringer.
8. Touch Volume to select a ringer volume.
Touch the bar at the volume level you want and
then touch .
9. Touch Vibration Type to select a vibration type.
Touch the desired vibration type and then touch
10. Touch Vibration Level to select a vibration level.
Touch the vibration bar at the level you want and
then touch .
11 . Touch Location to enter a location.
Enter the event location and touch . (See
“Entering Text” on page 28.)
12. Touch Set Repeat to select a repeating status.
Select None, Daily, Mon - Fri, Select Days, Weekly,
Monthly, or Yearly and then touch .
13. Touch to save the event.
Event Alert Menu
When your phone is turned on and you have an event
alarm scheduled, your phone alerts you and displays
the event summary. There are several ways your phone
can alert you to scheduled events:
By playing the assigned ringer type.
By illuminating the backlight.
By flashing the LED.
To silence the alarm and reset the schedule, unlock the
screen (if necessary) and touch
To select additional options, Touch an option.
Snooze to silence the alarm and schedules it to
replay again in 10 minutes.
View to display the event detail screen.