LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

2H. Camera 85
This feature allows you to zoom in on an object when
you take a picture. Depending on your resolution
settings, you can adjust the zoom from 1× to 15×.
1. From camera mode, touch > Zoom.
2. Move the gauge bar left (zoom out) or right (zoom
3. Touch , or press the side camera button
to take the picture. (Your phone automatically
saves the picture in your default storage area.)
Camera Settings
1. From camera mode, touch > Settings.
2. Touch an option
Resolution to select a picture’s file size (2M
[1600×1200], High [1280 x 960], Med [640 x 480],
Low [320 x 240]).
Quality to select the picture quality setting (Fine,
Normal, or Economy).
Shutter Sound to select a shutter sound (Shutter,
Say Cheese, Ready 123, Smile, or Off).
Status Bar to show or hide the status bar (On or
Night Mode to toggle the low-light setting (On or
Recording Videos
In addition to taking pictures, you can record, view, and
send videos with your phone’s built-in video camera.
1. Touch > Main Menu > Photos & Videos >
Camcorder to activate video mode. (Additional
video options are available through the video
mode options menu. See “Video Mode Options”
on page 86.)
2. Select Video Mail or Long Video.
Note: Zoom is not supported when the Resolution setting is
2M(1600 x 1200).
Note: Video Mail can be at most 30 seconds in length or
600KB in size, otherwise, they cannot be uploaded,
sent, or posted. but the length of a Long Video is
dependent on both the quality settings and storage
type used (phone or memory card).