LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

2H. Camera 91
5-8 in “Sending Pictures and Videos From the In
Phone Folder or Memory Card” on page 89.
My Places
You can also send your pictures using email or upload,
share, and store them with applications such as
Photobucket, Facebook, or MySpace.
1. Touch > Main Menu > Photos & Videos > My
Places. (Default applications such as My PC / Email
MySpace are listed.)
To add other available applications, touch Add
New Place. (Touch Connect if necessary.)
2. Touch a place and follow the onscreen instructions
to set up your account to be able to send your
pictures and videos.
Printing Pictures From Your Phone
Your phone is PictBridge compatible, allowing you to
print directly from your phone without connecting to a
computer. Simply connect your phone to a PictBridge-
enabled printer and print your photos.
1. Connect your phone to a PictBridge-enabled
printer by using a USB cable (not included). Wait
until the connection is completed.
2. Touch > Main Menu > Photos & Videos > My
Photos & Videos > In Phone or Memory Card.
3. Touch a picture to print and touch > Print >
4. Read the disclaimer and touch .
Note: You can select up to 10 pictures; however you can
select only from one folder.
You may not be able to print pictures that you cannot
display on your phone.